About Us

M. O’Herron Company was incorporated on July 27,1903 by Michael O’Herron, Joseph Kissane, and Charles Wolfe. By 1916, Joseph Kissane was the primary shareholder and the company has remained in the Kissane family. Joseph Kissane, Jr., joined the company in the 1920’s and was president of the company from 1935 to 1975.

From incorporation through the 1950’s, the M. O’Herron Company was a road builder, utility contractor, and asphalt producer. Some notable projects included the Corliss tunnel, the Mon Warf, the stone wall along Bigelow Boulevard., and construction and paving of many roads in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

During the 1950’s Joseph Kissane, Jr. was joined by his son Michael and in the 1960’s by his other son Thomas. From the 1950’s to 2001 the M. O’Herron Company evolved from a road builder and paver to a utility contractor.

In the past 50 years they have installed over one thousand miles of 2” through 24” gas mains and services in the Allegheny County region for the three local gas utility companies.

During the 1990’s Tom Kissane, President, was joined by his son Joe, and they hope to continue operating a successful and family company for years to come.